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2009-10-20 15:58:04 by Transformer

I am Transformer.


2009-06-24 15:44:28 by Transformer

EyeLovePoozy and Rucklo raped me. ouuuuuuu, my shiny metal ass.... ouuuuuu...

pics or it didn't happen? looks like there was a surveilance cam around to take this pic...


I'm a 40300 year young single robot from planet Cybertron, looking for somone to spend those cosy sundays with.
I like cats, long walks in the sunshine and good food. And I love to cuddle
One of my favourite hobbies is to work out, long-range shooting is my favourite since I have a hughe laz00rz-cannon on my shoulder that needs to be kept in trim and good condition. I've got a well-paid job as a manager and owner of a famous website on this planet, and have no kid-bots.

Let me know if you're interested, I'm waiting for You - right here! ;-)

pssst, guys...

2009-04-28 14:37:37 by Transformer

it's possible that i might have been bbr in the past, but don't tell anyone. lulz ^________^

I am now a BBS moderator!

2009-04-23 16:25:51 by Transformer

So, Wade saw my thread and he obviously couldn't resist my offers. I am now an NG BBS moderator!

Also, all you mods out there, prepare for some serious gayporn-threads in the mod-forums!
I'm looking forward to working with you all!

And I'm definitley looking forward to help clean the NG BBS up!!!

- TF

I am now a BBS moderator!